Legacy Projects

The humble cottages of the English lanes, the towered villages of the Italian hills, and the farmsteads of Sweden, are all beautiful; each in its own place, under its own sky, set in its own landscape. And the same is true of even the loftiest architecture, such as the Pyramids and the Parthenon are of necessity parts of the landscape; and they are beautiful just as the works of pure nature are beautiful, according as they express their origin, their growth, and their purpose, and as they help or harm the expression of the particular landscape of which they are a part. The beauty of such
scenes — for each remembrance is the remembrance of a
scene, and not of a building only — lies in their unity and
harmony of expression. If we want it, we work through that process which is called designing. Our aim must be to make all that we do contribute to the effect of the whole; and the whole which we aim to produce is always more than the building alone. The site, the scene, the "landscape," and the building together must be studied as one composition.


Anthony New Mexico tourist information center

Ash River bulk storage facility

Bay Colony community

Boca Grande Banyan tree allée

Camp Marston wilderness survey camp

Casa Rio estate

Chimayo, New Mexico Spanish-colonial village

Coastal residential condominium property

Coquina Cottage

Edison winter estate

Edison winter estate moonlight garden

Ellsworth rock gardens

Florida New Deal Era state parks

Frank T. Mohr, Jr. memorial garden

Georgetown neighborhood entry gates

Harry Oveson commercial fish camp

Hoist Bay wilderness camp

Hole-in-the-Wall golf club

Isle Verdi neighborhood entry bridge

I.W. Stevens Pine Cove Resort wilderness camp

Kettle Falls dam overlook

Kettle Falls wilderness community

Koreshan Unity settlement Florida history park

Nadia's native plant garden memorial

Nehrling's tropical gardens and arboretum

North Family, Mount Lebanon Shaker Village NHL

Oakmont neighborhood

Oakmont neighborhood lakside park

Ober's Island: the Mallard

Ojibwe ethnobotanical garden

Palm Cottage Garden Naples Historical Society

Pelican Bay Community

Private residence 1

Private residence 2

Private residence 3

Private residence 4

Private residence 5

Rainy Lake recreational trail

Smokey Hollow African American community

Smokey Hollow community commemoration