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Painterly Landscapes & Romantic Places

The Art of Cultural Landscape Preservation Planning, Design, and Construction

"Of the principles which guided great Renaissance garden-makers it is not so easy to speak, for it was in poetry, in imagination that they reigned supreme, and inspiration is a breath of the muses which may not be brought within the rules of art.

"Their first thought was the aesthetic impression upon the individual, for sentiment and emotion, for intellectual suggestion, for chords struck upon those vague, nebulous, spectral feelings which ever tremble upon the threshold of consciousness. To them the garden seemed only half the problem, the other half was that blundering ghost-haunted miracle, the human mind.

"Thus they learnt the value of striking contrast; sudden and thrilling surprise; close confinement as a prelude to boundless freedom; scorching sun as prelude to welcome shade or cooling river; even ugliness set for a foil to enchanting beauty, as a discord is used in music, as lowered tone of landscape brings out the fires of sunset or primrose light of dawn.

"Their work, like that of all great artists, is full of mystery, of haunting beauty, of magic which all must feel but few can understand."