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Upcoming Events

David Driapsa to speak at the Florida Trust for Historic Preservation annual meeting in Tampa, FL. Topic: Establishing the Historic American Landscapes Survey Nationwide and in Florida

David Driapsa to speak at the Alliance for Historic Landscape Preservation annual meeting in St. Paul, MN. Topic: Ober's Island, the Mallard

David Driapsa to speak at the Florida Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects annual meeting in Marathon, FL Topic: Florida State Parks, Iconic Landscapes of the New Deal



Ober's Mallard Island

Endangered History Preserving Landscapes

Mount Lebanon Waterworks

Mount Lebanon Shaker Village National Historic Landmark HALS

Smokey Hollow Community HALS

Doc White's Yard

Village of Chimayo HALS


Edison Banyan

Edison Winter Estate

Edison Moonlight Garden

Horticultural Gem of Florida

Koreshan Unity Settlement

Henry Nehrling Biography

Florida Native Plant Society Award

Naida Memorial Garden

Beach Cottage Rehabilition

New Mexico State Tourist Information Center

Pelican Bay Estate

Pelican Marsh Estate


Since founded in 1993, David Driapsa Historical Landscape Architect has undertaken commissions in Preservation Planning, Conservation Design, Cultural Resources Management and Contemporary Intervention that combines the best of the emerging sciences in heritage landscape preservation with modern planning and landscape architecture design.


Painterly Landscapes & Romantic Places: The Art of Landscape Architecture Planning Design Construction

"Of principles which guided great Renaissance garden-makers it is not so easy to speak, for it was in poetry, in imagination that they reigned supreme, and inspiration is a breath of the muses which may not be brought within the rules of art.

"Their first thought was the aesthetic impression upon the individual, for sentiment and emotion, for intellectual suggestion, for chords struck upon those vague, nebulous, spectral feelings which ever tremblie upon the threshold of consciousness. To them the garden seemed only half the problem, the other half was that blundering ghost-haunted miracle, the human mind.

"Thus they learnt the value of striking contrast; sudden and thrilling surprise; close confinement as a prelude to boundless freedom; scorching sun as prelude to welcome shade or cooling river; even ugliness set for a foil to enchanting beauty, as a discord is used in music, as lowered tone of landscape brings out the fires of sunset or primrose light of dawn.

Their work, like that of all great artists, is full of mystery, of haunting beauty, of magic which all must feel but few can understand."

Historic Preservation



Conservation Development

Planning is fundamentally important to ensure that the values of both natural and cultural resources are preserved. Conservation Development, also known as preservation treatment, combines sustainable development with protection and enhancement of natural and cultural resources. Built components designed in the Rustic Style in regional styles of architecture and engineering harmonizes with nature. Indigenous stone, wood, and native vegetation demonstrates sensitivity to place and harmony with nature. Conservation development preserves nature and enhances natural character by sensitively laying roads, trails, bridges and shelters upon the land to provide safe and convenient access to nature. Without this carefully designed and constructed infrastructure, the experience of nature would be markedly different.

Condition Assessment and Delineation
Construction Administration
Construction Plans
Cultural Landscape Report
Evaluation and Documentation
Federal and State Consultation
Historic American Landscapes Survey
Historical/Archival Research
Management Plan
Master Planning
Photo Simulation
Public Outreach, Education Display and Exhibit
Section 106, Section 110, Section 4(f) and NEPA (EA/EIS) Compliance
SHPO Coordination
Site Design
Site Master Planning
Technical Specifications
Treatment Recommendation for Preservation, Rehabilitation, Restoration, Reconstruction